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About NASNEmployment at NASN    January 22, 2017

Employment at NASN


Position Announcement

Position title: Board of Directors Liaison 09/28/2016

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Job type: Permanent, Full-time, Exempt

Reports to: NASN Executive Director

Position Description, Responsibilities and Qualifications:

The Board of Directors Liaison works with the Executive Committee and Board of Directors to provide staff assistance by planning and managing meetings (including GoToMeeting support); taking minutes during meetings; providing and maintaining necessary documents (e.g., Board Handbook, Position Statements, How2 Guide), the Board calendar and committee conference call list.

In addition, the Board of Directors Liaison manages communication with Board of Directors for surveys and any inquiries regarding upcoming meetings/conference or retrieving information from them (i.e., contact info, allergies, photos, etc.). Also, he/she assists staff at the Annual Conference with registration and signage/room assignments for sessions, sets up for the Annual Meeting at conference and covers the NASN booth in the Exhibit Hall.

Completed bachelor’s degree preferred; skills needed in project management, excellent communication skills, customer service, detail oriented, team player, and proficient with Microsoft Word/Acrobat/PowerPoint/Excel/Access.

The full-time position is based in the Washington, DC area. An email with the subject line Board of Directors Liaison should have the following documents attached:

1) Resume

2) Letter of interest with salary requirement

3) References

Benefits: As outlined in the NASN Employee Handbook.

Special Instructions: Please submit to Slatimore-Johnson@nasn.org by midnight October 14, 2016.

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