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About NASNFrequently Asked Questions    January 19, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions


How many school nurses are there in the United States?

Approximately 2.1%-2.8% of RNs are school nurses. This translates to approximately 61,232-73,697 RNs working in elementary and secondary schools (K-12) depending on the survey sample (HRSA,2010; ACS, 2013).

How are school nurses funded?

The majority of school nursing services have traditionally been funded by local school district and special education budgets. Other funding sources for school nursing include health care systems, public health funds, community organizations, and Medicaid reimbursement.

Does NASN offer Continuing Nursing Education?

NASN is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation. 
NASN's Annual Conference, held at the beginning of the summer each year, offers school nurses the opportunity to network with others in the field while gaining knowledge in cutting edge topics and acquiring continuing nursing education credit.
NASN Live Continuing Educational Programs for the classroom can be replicated on the state and/or local level.  
NASN Online Continuing Education modules offer a convenient way for school nurses to learn and obtain continuing nursing education credit.

How do I subscribe to the Journal of School Nursing?

Individual members of NASN receive the Journal of School Nursing as a benefit of membership.  Libraries at colleges of nursing can purchase a subscription through SAGE Publications, Inc.
Learn more about membership.
Contact SAGE Publications, Inc.

I have a member or membership related question.  How do I get answers?

Review answers in the Membership FAQs
Contact the membership department if you still have questions.  Contact information can be found on the Membership FAQs page.

Does NASN have an Annual Conference/Meeting?

NASN's Annual Conference is held at the beginning of the summer each year.  The annual meeting is held within the conference.  Locations rotate around the country.  For more information, visit the Annual Conference page of this web site.

What is an NASN Affiliate?

An NASN Affiliate  is a State/U.S. Territory school nurse organization OR a school nurse group comprised of registered professional school nurse members serving schools outside the U.S.  Affiliates must be approved by the NASN Executive Committee or Board of Directors and pay affiliation dues annually.  There may be only one school nurse organization affiliate per state.  Each affiliate has a seat on the NASN Board of Directors.  The person holding this seat is referred to as the NASN Director.  Currently, NASN has 50 Affiliates in 48 States, 1 Overseas, and 1 in the District of Columbia.  Go to the NASN Affiliate page.

Does NASN have a list of employment opportunities?

NASN does accept employment advertisements that may be of interest to NASN members.  School nurses are employed by Boards of Education, Public Health Agencies, Special Education, and Private Contrators.  Making contact with these agencies in your state is also recommended.  Go to the Employment Center.

When is National School Nurse Day?

National School Nurse Day is celebrated on the Wednesday within National Nurse Week.  National Nurse Week is always May 6-12.  Learn more.

Does NASN have a scholarship fund?

NASN scholarship opportunities for NASN members to advance their education beyond a bachelor's degree through the Endowment Fund Scholarship Award and to obtain political training on the national, state, or local level through the Advocacy Education Award.  In addition, each year in April, NASN awards an Annual Conference Scholarship to a new NASN member.  Learn more.

Does NASN support research?

Research is an NASN strategic goal.  Learn more about NASN research grants and awards.

What is the Sight for Students program through Vision Service Plan (VSP)?

Learn more about NASN's partnership with VSP, a partnership that benefits the children and youth NASN members serve.

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