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About NASNNational School Nurse DayCelebration Suggestions    February 11, 2016

Celebration Suggestions


Send a school nurse our School Nurse Day e-Postcard  (2012 card coming soon)

What School Nurses can do:
Be proactive in planning the celebration and promoting activities associated with this special day . . .
     Contact the state governor to issue a proclamation (2012 proclamation coming soon)
     Distribute a piece on how school nurses lead to academic success - go to
The Case for School Nursing
     Note School Nurse Day in your school calendar
     Construct a bulletin board at school on the role of the school nurse
     Write an article in school and/or district newspapers (2012 samples coming soon)
     Hang the School Nurse Day poster up around your school (2012 poster coming soon)
     Disseminate the NASN School Nurse Day Press Release
What S
chools and School Personnel can do:
Recognize Your Professional School Nurse . . .  
     Contact school board members and the superintendent and invite them to visit the school nurse     
     Recognize the school nurse with appropriate momentos of appreciation; here are some ideas from NASN:
          An NASN Book Store Gift Certificate - contact NASN
          A one-year NASN Membership, with includes up to 10 free vision care vouchers through Vision Service Plan
          A Padfolio from our Book Store - Click here to view
          Give the entire When the Bell Rings series written by school nurses as a gift
          Contact NASN for more information about these ideas 1-866-627-6767
     Hold a recognition reception for your School Nurse
     Have students make cards for the School Nurse
     Include information about School Nurse Day in all school communications

What Communities and Community Agencies can do:
     Communicate with school nurses to develop improved communications
     Write a letter to the editor discussing why your school needs a full-time RN all day, every day

     Highlight the contributions School Nurses make through displays at local hospitals, libraries, and governmental buildings
     Host an NASN live continuing education program for the school nurses in your area

What Parents can do:
     Learn more about the role of the school nurse in your community
     Tell your principal or school board why your child needs a school nurse
     Visit the school nurse
     Ask the PTA to host a celebration breakfast

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