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Policy & AdvocacyProfessional Practice Documents    February 26, 2017

Professional Practice Documents

NASN recognizes three types of position documents as a reflection of the policies of the organization pertaining to child health and professional practice issues of school nursing practice. These documents include position statements, declarations, and position briefs.

Binder of Professional Practice Documents

Download the binder; updated July 2016.

This binder includes a binder cover, binder spine, table of contents and the entire inventory of NASN Position Statements, Resolutions and Consensus Statements, and Joint Statements.

To utilize the binder, click on the link below, save the file to your computer, open the file once saved, and make sure you can see the document's bookmarks.  The bookmarks are an index of the binder contents and can be used to go directly to the document you want in the binder.

What is a Position Statement?

An evidence-based paper summarizing the historical, political, and/or scientific aspects regarding a topic related to school nursing, school health services and/or NASN. It is the official position of the organization that can be shared with members, community media and legislators.

What is a Resolution?

An elaborate, formally written expression of opinion or position by NASN.

What is a Consensus Statement?

A timely response to a  school health or school nursing issue for which NASN does not have a specific Position Statement or Resolution and represents internal consensus.

What are Joint and Endorsed Statements?

Position statements express opinions, beliefs or official positions taken by the organization.  NASN may at times endorse position statements generated by other organizations. Such statements undergo a review process to ensure that they are not in conflict with current NASN position statements or policies. These statements are adopted by the executive committee.

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