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ResearchResearch Mailing Lists    January 22, 2017

Research Mailing Lists

NASN Membership for Research Outreach Guidelines

NASN often receives requests to contact members for research purposes. We do not release the names or personal information of our members, but will send an email out for you or post a link to your Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved survey in our weekly digest or on the NASN webpage. No survey requests are permitted on our membership listserves (schoolnursenet). If you want mailing lists for other types of research (such as market or product research, please contact INFOCUS who manages NASN mailing list rental requests.

Research addresses the NASN’s research priorities can be sent to members via NASN’s database. The NASN database can be sorted to include (or eliminate) specific categories based on a query of the database using information obtained from the NASN membership application. This means emails can be sent to a specific state, only specific sub-groups, a random sample, or the entire membership who have opted in to participate in research. The return rate varies on the survey and interest to school nurses.

Other research that is pertinent to school nurses/student health can be posted in our weekly digest.

Individuals who are interested in having their research sent out by either method must comply with the following:

1. Before being considered for any type of access, applicants must complete the NASN Membership Outreach Request Form for Research Purposes form and send it with a non-refundable $25.00 processing fee. Research requests should be scientifically sound and ethically appropriate before being submitted.

2. Upon receipt of the Membership Outreach Form and payment, NASN will begin processing the form within 7-10 business days. Once the process begins it may take up to 3 weeks for review. Please plan accordingly. The process includes the NASN research committee reviewing the design and survey tool for scientific rigor, appropriateness for school nurses and determines if it fits an NASN priority and/or is pertinent to school nursing/student health.

3. Upon approval of the Membership Outreach Request Form for Research Purposes Form, NASN will sent to Applicant a copy of the NASN Outreach for Research Purposes Order Form, which must be completed and returned with the required payment (see fee schedule below). Upon receipt of the completed form and payment, NASN will send the research link. Please note that NASN often has a waiting list of requests to be send to members. NASN has a quota each semester of the number of surveys a member may receive and does not send surveys in the summer because school nurses often do not check their work emails when schools are closed.

4. After the data analysis of the research is complete, the Applicant individual is asked to share the results with NASN.

5. The researcher must acknowledge the NASN membership as a data source in any publications developed from the survey.

NASN Membership Outreach for Research Price List

Weekly Digest: NASN members: $500 (non-NASN members: $700) for link to be included in weekly digest for 2 weeks.

Email from NASN database: NASN members: $600 (non-NASN members $800) for query of up to 2000 members and 2 specific stratifications or group characteristic requests. This includes a computer set-up fee, fees for time spent querying the database, the initial email and one reminder email (sent 1-3 weeks later). For additional stratification selections –an additional $50 per sort (this takes the most time) will be charged.

Prices are subject to change at any time at NASN’s discretion.

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