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Tools & ResourcesHead Lice – Pediculosis CapitisLice Lessons    September 17, 2014

Lice Lessons

Lice Lessons

Lice Lessons is a new head lice education campaign focused on dispelling common misperceptions, providing information about the value of engaging healthcare professionals and building awareness of new treatment options.  The portfolio of tools and resources below are designed to help school nurses, often on the frontlines in the battle against head lice, reduce fear and stigma and help parents navigate treatment choices.

  • Head Lice 101 Presentation: An Overview for Parents, Teachers and Communities
    A presentation to help educate parents, teachers and your community during the next school, PTA or PTO meeting 
  • Communicating About Head Lice: A Conversation Guide for School Nurses
    The most common questions answered!
    [English] [Spanish]
  • Head Lice 101 (for School Nurses): An Overview for School Nurses
    An up-to-date factsheet reflecting the most current research on preventing, controlling and treating head lice
    [English] [Spanish]
  • Head Lice 101 (for Parents): What Every Parent Should Know About Head Lice
    A quick, easy-to-read factsheet to help dispel myths and prepare parents before they experience an infestation
    [English] [Spanish]
  • Facing Head Lice: A Guide For Families
    A simple step-by-step guide for parents and caregivers, including information about treating and removing head lice from the home
    [English] [Spanish]
  • Letters for Home

    Informational: General facts to help build awareness, reduce stigma and prevent panic

    PDF versions [English] [Spanish]
    Word versions [English] [Spanish]
    Possible Head Lice: Information for parents of a child with evidence of head lice
    PDF versions [English] [Spanish]
    Word versions [English] [Spanish]

If there are other tools or resources that would be helpful in your school, send an email to nasn@nasn.org and share your ideas!

Lice Lessons educational initiative is made possible through a collaboration with Sanofi Pasteur.

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