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2017 Election Haynie    March 26, 2017

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NASN Elections 2017

Candidate Data and Statement of View

Nominating Committee

Kathey Haynie, MSN, RN

Current NASN Affiliate

Arkansas School Nurses Association (ASNA)

Major Clinical, Teaching, or Practice Area

School Nurse, Secondary and Elementary



Benedictine University, Masters of Science in Nursing Leadership, 2010

Graceland University, Bachelors of Science in Nursing, 2006

National Park Community College Hot Springs, AR, Associates Degree in Nursing, 1978

Awards, Achievements, and Honors

Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) Member


Nursing Instructor, College Of The Ouachita’s, June 2016-Present

I am directly responsible and accountable for ensuring the fulfillment of educational goals and objectives of the Nursing Program, and ensuring program compliance with the Arkansas State Board of Nursing. These responsibilities include assisting in curriculum development and instructional advancement in the field of Nursing, both LPN and RN; assessing the instructional needs of students in the program and helping coordinate the development of a plan to address these needs; teaching courses as assigned; assisting in the annual core curriculum evaluations of the program, assessing institutional effectiveness and preparation of reports; assisting in the hiring and recruitment of new faculty across the College; coordinating departmental textbook orders; maintaining communication and working cooperatively with clinical instructors of off-campus instructional sites; and assisting with the coordination of Dual Credit and Continuing Education classes.

Other Significant Positions Held

Pulaski County Special School District, School Nurse/Float Nurse, 2014-2016

School Nurse, Little Rock School District, LR, AR, 2009-2014

Nursing Supervisor/School Nurse, Bryant School District, Bryan, AR, 1999-2008

Present NASN Offices/Appointments

None at present

Past NASN Offices/Appointments

Arkansas (AR) NASN Director, 2012-2016

Nominating Committee, 2015-2016

Membership Committee, 2014-2016

Finance Committee, 2012-2016

Preceptor to new members coming into as Directors, 2013-2015

Endowment Fundraising Committee, 2013-2014

Present NASN Affiliate Offices/Appointments

None at present

Past NASN Affiliate Offices/Appointments

ASNA President, 2007-2010

ASNA President Elect, 2005-2007

ASNA Secretary/Treasurer, 2004

ASNA Secretary, 2003-2004

Present Offices/Appointments in Other Associations

American Heart Grassroots Committee for Arkansas, 2009-2012

Past Offices/Appointments in Other Associations

Antony Hobbs IV Task Force Appointed Chairperson by Gov. Mike Beebe, 2007-2010.

Publications Significant to School Nursing

Haynie, K. (2012). Who is listening to school nurses? Arkansas State Board of Nursing Magazine Update, 16(2), 18.

Haynie, K. (2013). Anaphylactic emergency in the schools: What you need to know. Arkansas State Board of Nursing Magazine Update, 17(6), 10.

Presentations Significant to School Nursing

NASN2016 Annual Conference Preconference Session. (2016, June 29). School Emergency Triage Training. Indianapolis, IN.

Alabama School Nurses Association Conference Training. (2016, June 8). School Emergency Triage Training. Trussville, AL.

New Hampshire Conference for Tri-District School Nurses Training. (2015, March 26). School Emergency Triage Training. Lebanon, NH.

Arkansas Department of Health Conference Lecture. (2010, September 29). Flu in the School. Little Rock, AR.

Research Significant to School Nursing


Statement of View

As NASN moves forward with new strategies, the role and responsibilities of the nominating committee members are vital. Candidates need to have the dedication, knowledge, leadership, and devotion to be qualified. Leaders who are willing to give their time and professional skills to NASN.

NASN needs to have dedicated leaders who will continue to be a strong voice advocating for school nurses and the students they serve. Now that I have served on NASN’s Board of Directors, I have seen firsthand why it is important to have the best qualified candidates to run for office. If I am elected to the nominating committee my goal will be to find the most qualified dedicated leaders who will continue to grow NASN and work for school nurses and students. As NASN pushes to the future it will require leaders with the vision to take school nursing to the pinnacle for our students and the nurses we serve.

School nurses are on the front line of healthcare in our schools today. We are tasked with providing the best possible health services to our students. School nurses make an impact in the education arena for students.

Today school nurses are facing so many challenges in our practice, that we need qualified, competent strong leaders, who have the professional knowledge and skills to guide our practice into the future. The responsibility of the nominating committee is to find these individuals within NASN. Recruiting the most qualified leaders from all members is the responsibility of the NASN nominating committee. It is important for the nominating committee to bring forth candidates who will engage to promote membership, who will partner with other organization and who will network to make NASN STRONG.

This Nominating Committee candidate completed the Nominating Committee process.

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