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Member CenterDiscussion Lists    March 25, 2017

Discussion Lists


NASN's discussion lists and forums have transitioned to NASN's online professional community site called SchoolNurseNet.  Please visit SchoolNurseNet to participate.  Choose from the following communities:

NASN Special Interest Groups

Consortium of School Nurse Educators members
Private and Parochial School Nurses members
Special Needs School Nurses members

Communities for All NASN Members

All Member
Early Childhood School Nurses
Elementary School Nurses
Global Issues 
Nursing Languages and Information Technology [Informatics]
School Nurse Administrators
School Nurse Promotion
Secondary School Nurses 

Event Communities

NASN2013 - 45th Annual Conference
NASN2014 - 46th Annual Conference

Open Communities

Healthy School Nurse
NASN Anti-Bullying Efforts
Oral Health Forum
Support and Help

Other Communities

Prospective Members

NASN Leader Communities

NASN Affiliate Organization Officers
NASN Affiliate Organization Presidents
NASN Board of Directors
Consortium of School Nurse Educators Officers
Discussion List Monitors
Epinephrine Resource School Nurses
H.A.N.D.S. National Presenters
Past NASN Presidents
Private and Parochial School Nurses Officers
SETT National Presenters

NASN Committee Communities

Every NASN governing committee has their own community

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