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Tools & ResourcesHead Lice – Pediculosis Capitis    March 25, 2017

Head Lice – Pediculosis Capitis

Education Campaign

Headfirst Lice Lessons is a new a head lice education campaign focused on dispelling common misperceptions, providing information about the value of engaging healthcare providers and building awareness of new treatment options.
Learn more about this educational campaign.

Resource Publications

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American Academy of Pediatrics & National Association of School Nurses.  (2014).  PedFacts – Pediatric first aid for caregivers and teachers (2nd ed.).  Burlington, MA:  Jones & Bartlett Learning.  

Committee on Infectious Diseases American Academy of Pediatrics.  (2012).  Redbook – Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases (29th ed.).  Elk Grove Village, IL:  American Academy of Pediatrics.

National Association of School Nurses. (2016). Head lice management in the school setting (Position Statement). Silver Spring, MD: Author.

Ross, L. & Graham, M. (2013). Chapter 21 Skin disorders. In J. Selekman (Ed.), School nursing a comprehensive text (2nd ed.). Philadelphia, PA:  F.A. Davis Company.

National Resources

Fast Pack - Meeting the Clinical and Psychosocial Challenges of Head Lice
A tool to communicate information on head lice and current treatment options.

IdentifyUS, LLC
Pest identifications and guidance services from Dr. Richard Pollack

In the Literature

Andresen, K. & McCarthy, A. (2009).  A policy change strategy for head lice managementThe Journal of School Nursing, 25(6), 407-416.

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