Alicia Jordan

2020 NASN Elections

Candidate Data and Statement of View

Vice President

Alicia Jordan, BSN, RN, NCSN

Alicia Jordan

Current NASN Affiliate: School Nurse Organization of Idaho (SNOI)

Major Clinical, Teaching, or Practice Area: Administration/Management, School Nurse (Elementary and Secondary)

Education: Brigham Young University-Idaho, Rexburg, ID, Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 2009; Ricks College, Rexburg, ID, Nursing, Associate of Science in Nursing, 1982

Awards, Achievements, and Honors: Nationally Certified School Nurse, NBCSN, 2010 - Present

Employment: Kuna School District, Head Nurse/School Nurse, 2004 - Present: I work in a small rural school district, serving as the district head nurse since 2014 and as a staff nurse since 2004. I provide direct care services to over 1600 students in our high school. As head nurse, I oversee and serve as the point of contact for the district nursing staff and assist in the recruitment, screening, and hiring of nursing personnel. I also serve as a leader and resource person to promote health and safety in our district’s schools, and to enhance the delivery of health services to students. I implement the district’s in-service nursing education program and ensure that the nursing staff is trained in essential areas and conduct trainings when needed. I create and deliver training for substitute nurses, and cover or make arrangements for school nurses in the event that a substitute nurse is not available. I collaborate on Medicaid billing and eligible services for my students, and coordinate training for district nursing staff. I cooperate with school counseling staff, principals, and staff to plan the instructional program and support services for special needs students. I serve on our district’s safety and student services committees. I monitor and contribute content to our health services webpage. I advise students, parents, and staff members on health and safety issues. I review and make recommendations to district medical policies. I organize and schedule flu vaccination clinics and mammogram screenings for employees, and vision screening for our elementary students.

Other Significant Positions Held: Immunization Coordinator/Staff Nurse, Primary Health Pediatrics/Primary Health Medical Group, Boise, ID, 1992 – 2003; Staff Nurse, Woman’s Clinic, Boise, ID, 1986 – 1992; Staff Nurse, St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center, Boise, ID, 1983 – 1986

Present NASN Offices/Appointments: SNOI Community Discussion Monitor/Administrator, 2014 – Present.

Past NASN Offices/Appointments: Epinephrine Resource School Nurse (Idaho), 2013 – 2018; Data Champion for Uniform Data Collection (formerly Step Up!); 2015 – 2017; NASN Endowment Fund Committee, 2014 – 2017; NASN Endowment Fundraiser “Purses for Nurses” Co-Chair, 2014 – 2016; Idaho NASN Director, 2013 – 2017; NASN Advocacy Committee, 2013 – 2017

Present NASN Affiliate Offices/Appointments: SNOI Treasurer, 2018 – Present

Past NASN Affiliate Offices/Appointments: SNOI NASN Director, 2013 – 2017; SNOI Website, 2012 – 2016; SNOI Past President, 2012 – 2013; SNOI President, 2011 – 2012; SNOI President Elect, 2010 – 2011; SNOI Conference Committee, 2010 – 2011

Present Offices/Appointments in Other Associations: NA

Past Offices/Appointments in Other Associations: NA

Publications Significant to School Nursing:

National Association of School Nurses. (2015). Pregnant and parenting students - The role of the school nurse (Position Statement). Silver Spring, MD: Disney, J., Jordan, A., Wheeler, J., Porter, J., Lambert, P., Blackborow, M., & Zacharski, S.

National Association of School Nurses. (2014). Do not attempt resuscitation - The role of the school nurse (Position Statement). Silver Spring, MD: Tuck, C., Jordan, A., Lambert, P., & Porter, J.

Presentations Significant to School Nursing:

School Nurse Organization of Idaho Annual Conference. (2014, June 9). NASN Get Trained®-A program for school nurses to train school staff in epinephrine auto-injector administration. Nampa, ID.

Research Significant to School Nursing: NA

Statement of View:

Every day, school nurses have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child. Our goal is to keep students healthy, safe, and ready to learn. As the number of students with complex chronic medical conditions is on the rise, school nurses are the voices of the students in our care. We must develop leaders in our organization as well as increase and sustain our membership. As we build attributes such as commitment, confidence, character, and compassion in our members, we will develop leaders. We will become an organization made of leaders and have the skills needed to address the challenging issues we face. Through NASN we have the Framework for 21st Century School Nursing Practice and the guidance and understanding of evidence-based practice. We must increase and sustain our membership for our organization to thrive. We need to make sure that all school nurses know about NASN and how essential it is for their practice. The tools and resources that are available to members are invaluable. We must show commitment as members, build excitement, and give school nurses an understanding of how great our organization is. I will contribute my energy and enthusiasm to sustain and increase our membership. Through promoting advocacy, and by utilizing our resources and efforts, we can change the climate of health care in our schools. There needs to be better funding for school nurses so that all students have access to a nurse every day. We will need to partner with other children’s health advocates and collaborate to build a culture of health. If elected Vice President, I will strive to take on the attributes of a leader, contribute ideas to increase and sustain membership, advocate for students, and ask myself each day what I can do to make a difference.

This Vice President candidate completed the Nominating Committee process.