Linda Neumann

2021 NASN Elections

Candidate Data and Statement of View


Linda Neumann, RN

Linda Neumann

Current NASN Affiliate: Missouri Association of School Nurses (MASN)

Major Clinical, Teaching, or Practice Area: Administrator/Management, Consultant, Elementary School Nurse, Secondary School Nurse

Education: Jewish Hospital School of Nursing, Nursing, Diploma/1976; University of Cincinnati, Early Childhood Education

Awards, Achievements, and Honors: St. Louis Magazine Excellence in Nursing Award, 2015; Brain Injury Association of Missouri Outstanding Service Excellence Award Prevention, 2012; Voices of Meningitis Challenge Award, 2011; American School Health Association Outstanding Achievement of a School Nurse Award, 2010; Asthma School Nursing Award‐Community Leaders Helping Children Breathe Better, 2010; MASN School Nurse of the Year Award, 2009; St. Louis Suburban School Nurses Association School Nurse of the Year Award, 2008; Webster Groves/Shrewsbury Chamber of Commerce Heart of the Community Award, 2006; Special School District, St. Louis, Missouri Special Ambassador Award, 2003

Employment: Self‐Employed, Independent School Nurse Consultant, 2016‐Present; Substitute School Nurse, Webster Groves School District and St. Peter Catholic School, 2016‐Present: I serve as a school nurse consultant, providing professional development opportunities, in and around the St. Louis area. I collaborate with community stakeholders and healthcare agencies, connecting school nurses with needed services to improve student healthcare outcomes. I also continue to work long‐term substitute school nurse positions and assist school administrators when interviewing potential school nurses.

Other Significant Positions Held: School Nurse/Head Nurse, Webster Groves School District, 1989‐2016; Staff Nurse, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Miami, Florida, 1985‐1987; Staff Nurse, West Jersey Hospital, Voorhees, New Jersey, 1980‐1984

Present NASN Offices/Appointments: Ethics Advisory Committee, 1/2/20 ‐ 12/31/21; Bylaws Committee, 1/1/19‐ 12/31/20; NASN Strategic Committee Research – Co‐Chair, 7/1/19 ‐ 1/31/21

Past NASN Offices/Appointments: Professional Practice Document Advisory Committee, 2/1/19 ‐ 1/31/20; Nominating Committee, 7/1/18 ‐ 12/19/19; NASN Strategic Committee Healthy Communities, 1/30/17 ‐ 1/31/19

Present NASN Affiliate Offices/Appointments: MASN Director to NASN, 2/1/17 ‐ 1/31/21

Past NASN Affiliate Offices/Appointments: Injury Prevention Liaison, 2007‐Present; Spring Conference Chair, 2014 & 2019; Education Committee Member, 2008, 2011, 2019; District Representative, 2015‐2016; Newsletter Chair/Editor, 2014‐2016; Interim Treasurer, 2015; Legislative Chair, 2012‐2014; Newsletter Committee, 2010‐2013; Immediate Past‐ President/Parliamentarian, 2010‐2012; Legislative Committee, 2010‐2011; Professional Development Committee, 2010‐2011; President, 2009‐2010; President‐Elect, 2009; Awards Committee Chair, 2006‐2007; District Representative, 2005‐2006

Present Offices/Appointments in Other Associations: St. Louis Suburban School Nurses Association (SLSSNA), Legislative Chair, 2017‐Present

Past Offices/Appointments in Other Associations: SLSSNA Legislative Chair, 2012‐2015 & 2016‐Present; SLSSNA President, 2005‐2006 & 2015‐2016; SLSSNA Publicity/Historian Chair and Education Committee Member, 2005‐2011; American School Health Association‐Articles and Bylaws Committee, 2007‐2009; SLSSNA Past President, Awards Committee Chair and Fall Workshop Chair, 2006‐2007

Publications Significant to School Nursing:

National Association of School Nurses. (2017). Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child: Implications for 21st Century School Nurses (Position Statement). Silver Spring, MD: Author.‐practice‐documents/positionstatements/ps‐wscc

National Association of School Nurses. (2018). School Nurses: An integral member of the school team addressing chronic absenteeism (Position Statement). Silver Spring, MD: Author.‐practice‐documents/positionstatements/ps‐absenteeism

National Association of School Nurses. (2018). Human trafficking: Implications for 21st century school nurse (Position Brief). Silver Spring, MD: Author.‐practice‐documents/positionbriefs/pbhuman‐trafficking

National Association of School Nurses. (2019). Service animals in schools (Position Statement). Silver Spring, MD: Author.‐practice‐documents/positionstatements/ps‐animals

Presentations Significant to School Nursing:

Neumann, L., Shaw, S., Wehr, A., Nelson, C., Dahms, S., (2019 July). “Building Your Professional Practice” Presented at School Nurse Survival Training XXII. St. Louis, Missouri.

Neumann, L., & Fliesher, S. (2019 June). “Understanding Poverty to Enhance Student Success” Presented at National Association of School Nurses 51st Annual Conference. Denver, Colorado.

Neumann, L., & Lewis, P., (2018 October). “Look for the Iceberg to Enhance Student Success… There are multiple factors that impact student success. Think beyond the tip of the iceberg”. Presented American School Health Association Conference. Indianapolis, Indiana.

Thimsen, K., & Neumann, L., (2018, July). “Human Trafficking: Challenges in Missouri”. Presented at School Nurse Survival Training XXI. St. Louis, Missouri.

Research Significant to School Nursing: Currently, working on article, The Value of Poverty Simulation participation for School Nurses.

Statement of View:

NASN must continue to strive to make connections and engage each generation of school nurses, making them feel valued, helping nurses find their voice, and hearing what they have to say, thereby strengthening nurses as individuals and our profession. If elected NASN Secretary/Treasurer, I will collaborate with the NASN Executive Committee and staff to address the following strategic areas; financial stewardship, assuring strong positions through our professional practice documents, and seeking solutions to our ever‐growing nationwide school nurse shortage. The NASN treasurer serves as the Finance Committee chair. Having completed my term as a NASN Director in January 2021, I would bring 4 years of exercising financial oversight experience. I come prepared to review, analyze and ask questions about our financial reports, investments, and to prepare summary reports for the board of directors. The NASN Secretary also serves as Chair of the Professional Practice Documents Advisory Committee (PPDAC). I would bring to this committee my experience of having served on the PPDAC committee and having been part of five writing teams. In addressing the shortage of school nurses, I believe that school nurses are well positioned to share their professional narrative within their school communities and beyond. As NASN Secretary/Treasurer, I will encourage school nurses to continue to expand their school nurse practice and voice their narrative by fully engaging in NASN’s Framework for 21st Century School Nursing Practice. When feasible, school nurses can partner with local universities and their school of nursing to serve as preceptors and in return guest lecturing to develop interest in the specialty practice of school nursing. School nurses also serve as leaders in school health and must articulate this to their school community through their involvement in their school, community, and through legislative efforts with a unified voice advocating for student focused care.

This Secretary/Treasurer candidate completed the Nominating Committee process.

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