Supplemental Election

2018 NASN Supplemental Election 

TThe ballot for this supplemental election is below. This electronic ballot will close promptly at midnight Eastern Time on June 1, 2018. NASN Active and Honorary classification members are eligible to vote in this election.

To vote, follow the easy steps below.

You will need to login a second time once on the online election system.

  1. Go to the online election system.
  2. LOGIN a second time [look for the login link in the far upper right corner of the election web page]
  3. Select the VOTE button -- if you do not see the VOTE button, you need to login.
  4. Complete the online ballot.

Vice President

Cynthia Hiltz

Alicia Jordan

Lynnette Ondeck
State of Washington

2018 NASN Supplemental Election