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Transgender Students: Advocacy, Care, and Support Opportunities for School Nurses

By NASN Profile posted 05-08-2019 14:42

NASN School Nurse Editor, Cynthia Galemore, interviews author Dane Menkin about his article "Transgender Students: Advocacy, Care, and Support Opportunities for School Nurses."

Learn more by listening to this podcast, reading the abstract to the article below, and reading the full-text article online

Transgender individuals are disproportionately affected by negative mental and sexual health outcomes. School nurses have prime opportunities to combat these outcomes through affirming nursing care, especially when transgender students are socially transitioning. Examples of affirming practice include recognizing students’ gender-affirming names, using their pronouns, ensuring safe locker rooms, advocating for student’s clothing choices, stopping bullying and harassment, and refraining from making assumptions about their transgender students’ sexual orientation. Through inclusive care directly provided to transgender children, school nurses can also be instrumental in ushering an affirming environment for all.