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"Data" Gifts to Celebrate National Nurse Week 2019

By NASN Profile posted 05-28-2019 12:52


PresentDuring National Nurse Week 2019, NASN shared "data" gifts with NASN Affiliate leaders and State Data Coordinators.  Members of these groups were encouraged to share the gifts with their contacts.

The purpose of these gifts was to equip school nurses with practical and resourceful tools to help with data collection efforts and increase awareness of the Every Student Counts! initiative.

Here are the gifts that were shared.  Please "re-gift" these with colleagues and leave a comment below to let NASN know what you think!

Day 1

School nurse data collection checklist: This checklist provides practical tips on how a school nurse can collect appropriate data at the local, state, and affiliate level.

Day 2

Using Your End of Year Data to Tell Your Story: Paint By Numbers: This CNE educational activity provides practical tips, a new info graphic, and two different examples of how practicing schools nurses used their end of year data to create change. 

Day 3

Fillable forms for you use for your end of year reports: Reports are important because they allow you to provide data to your school and allow you to share at the district level.  There are many different ways this can be done. 

Template forms will help you get stated but are not meant to show everything you do; they are meant to highlight key activities.  Activities identified are directly linked to current events, education concerns, and key activities school nurses perform.  A space at the top is there for a school or district logo.  The district template also has space to include a school health service team.

Blank forms are available because we know districts and schools operate differently.  Use the blank forms to include what is important to your school or district.  

Template: District report
Template: School report 
Blank: District report
Blank: School report

Day 4

Data Privacy in School Nursing: Navigating the Complex Minefield of Privacy Laws: This CNE educational activity provides an overview of what school nurses should know about relevant federal laws governing data privacy and data sharing in schools (e.g., FERPA and HIPAA), explain when each law applies, and how they affect data sharing.

Day 5

Share to Make Aware: Ten Ways to Share Your Date: This one-page tip sheet includes 10 ways to share your data.  The goal is for school nurses to share data more often and illustrate needs to schools/districts.  School nurses are leaders within the community!

Every Student Counts!