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About NASN    February 21, 2017

About NASN


Mission: The mission of NASN is to optimize student health and learning by advancing the practice of school nursing.

Vision: The vision of NASN is that every student is healthy, safe, and ready to learn.

Core Values:

Child Well-being 

Strategic Plan Goals for 2014 - 2017:

Strategic Priority: Membership/Programs

Outcome - Grow membership to 20,017 members in 2017.
1. Create infrastructure to grow membership.
2. Offer programs and products that members want/demand.

Outcome - Member Engagement: Continuous renewal rate of 90% by 2017.
1. Conduct a public relations campaign.
2. Maximize use of communication technology.
3. Provide and market educational offerings and leadership development.
4. Utilize data to identify membership trends.

Strategic Priority: Advocacy/Public Relations

Outcome - Influence stakeholders support for school nursing.
1. Develop and nurture partnerships to educate the public about population based functions of school nurses.
2. Improve school nurse to student ratios in all states.
3. Increase affiliate engagement in the legislative process.

Outcome - Identify and expand funding models for school nurse practice.
1. Collect and publish case studies in innovative funding models.
2. Identify and partner with potential payers for school nursing services.

Strategic Priority: Financial Stability

Outcome - NASN operating budget will be supported totally by NASN internal activities by 2017.
1. Create an expanded business model that will provide new opportunities for growth in revenue.

Strategic Priority: Research

Outcome - Communicate evidence-based indicators of school nurse effectiveness by 2017.
1. Disseminate and build capacities for using defined indicators.
2. Establish a national database system for school nursing.
3. Define how position documents and clinical guidelines work with the critical indicators.

Outcome - Pursue research to define the school nurse workforce by 2017.
1. Develop strategic research partnerships.

Strategic Priority: Governance

Outcome - The Board of Directors will fully function in their legal, moral, ethical governance roles.
1. Provide systematic board development.
2. Establish succession planning framework.
3. Evaluate governance structures in membership associations.

NASN is classified under the Internal Revenue Code as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. 

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