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About NASNOur Publications    March 28, 2015

Our Publications


The Journal of School NursingThe Journal of School Nursing (JOSN) 
The JOSN is published bi-monthly and includes original research, research reviews, evidenced-based innovations in clinical practice or policy, and more. In addition to nursing, experts from medicine, public health, epidemiology, health services research, policy analysis, and education administration, also contribute.
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NASN School NurseNASN School Nurse  
NASN School Nurse is published bi-monthly to enhance school nursing practice by facilitating communication and the exchange of information and experience, which will connect members with their school nurse colleagues and engage them in the activities of their professional organization.
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NASN Weekly DigestNASN Weekly Digest
The NASN Weekly Digest is an e-news communication sent weekly to subscribers.  It is designed to keep school nurse professionals informed of news, issues, events, and activities at NASN and in school nursing practice.



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