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Continuing EducationNon-CE e-Learning    January 22, 2017

Non-CE e-Learning

Educational Programs

School Nurses: Partnering to Make Oral Health a Priority

Episode 1: School Nurses: An Important Source of Oral Health Information and Resources
Episode 2: School Nurses: Partnering with Parents on Oral Health Care 
Episode 3: From Preventative to Emergency Care: Guidance for Parents and Providers
Visit NASN's Oral Health Connections website to view these videocasts.

School Nurses: Partnering to Avoid & Respond to Anaphylaxis

EPISODE 1: School nurses can play a vital role in helping to avoid and manage an anaphylactic reaction

EPISODE 2: Parental collaboration is critical to creating a safer environment

EPISODE 3: Creating a School-Wide Emergency Response Plan

Get Trained
This program is intended as a tool and resource for scripted training of unlicensed school staff to administer epinephrine via an auto injector during an anaphylactic emergency. 
Access this program


NASN Radio
These brief audio segments provide expert information and practical suggestions that busy school nurses need to stay on top of hot topics in student health and professional development.
Access the audio library

Archived NASN Webinars

Visit SchoolNurseNet for an index of archived webinars from NASN.

Archived Webinars

A Special Look at Results From the NASN 2015 Medication in Schools Survey
This webinar, hosted by the National Association of State Boards of Education, features Dr. Erin Maughan of NASN and Dr. Ann Marie McCarthy of the University of Iowa, College of Nursing. Listen in for results from the national survey of school medication administration conducted by NASN. A discussion of policy implications for state boards of education, school health policy leaders, and decision makers will also be heard.
Access the archived webinar.

Connecting Chronic Health Conditions with School Attendance: Improving Data Collection and Use 
The slides and recorded webinar are available on the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors' website. 
Access this archived webinar and slides.

Moving from Awareness to Action in Bullying Prevention
This webinar presents basic facts about bullying and how it affects youth, strategies to prevent and respond to bullying, and new resources provided by federal partners in bullying prevention and NASN.  This webinar was hosted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources, Health Resources and Services Administration and the National Association of School Nurses.  
Access this archived webinar.
Access the slides.
NOTE: Participants of the archived webinar, unlike the participants to the live webinar, will not be able to type in questions to the chat box and will not receive a certificate of attendance.

Questions and Answers on School Oral Health Programs
A webinar presented by the Association of State & Territorial Dental Directors, School and Adolescent Oral Health Committee in conjunction with the National Association of School Nurses.
Access this archived webinar

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