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Policy & Advocacy    September 25, 2016

"School nurses play a vital role in making sure children are healthy and ready to learn." ~ Arne Duncan, Former Secretary, U.S. Department of Education

Policy and Advocacy

Official Documents and Recent Efforts

Affordable Care Act

ESSA Every Student Succeeds Act

NASN Legislative Priorities

Position Documents

School Nursing and School-Based Health Centers - Working Together for Student Success

School Nurses Assess and Address Social Determinants

Public Health and School Nursing: Collaborating to Promote Health

School Nurses’ Role in Combating Chronic Absenteeism
This white paper includes examples from the field of the school nurse's impact.

The Case for School Nursing
This white paper includes research references.

Free Care Rule: Medicaid Payment for Services Provided without Charge
A letter from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services sent to State Medicaid Directors.

California Supreme Court opinion on the administration of insulin to students
A response statement from NASN.

Telling Your Story

Better Health. Better Learning.TM e-toolkit

Building strong children, Why every student needs a school nurse!

Advocacy 101
Tips for getting started with advocacy.

The Art of Prezentation
A course in the NASN Learning Center.

Telling Your Story: It’s what advocacy is all about
The contributions of school nursing are best told by the school nurse.  This resource provides tips on being your own advocate and an advocate for children. 

School Nurses: Supporting Education, Advancing Student Health
Addresses these questions:

• Why are school nursing services important?
• What role do school nurses play in the delivery of health services?
• What is the current student health landscape?
• Where does NASN fit in?

Schools + School Nurses = Safe and Healthy Students
A presentation to “make the case” for providing funding for school nursing. 
   Also download the Presenter's Guide 
   Also download the accompanying Handout

Health Conditions Per 100 U.S. Students 2011 Update
A 2-sided graphical chart with references.

Five Ways a School Nurse Benefits the School
Explains how school nurses positively affect attendance, academics, time, staff wellness and accountability.

Home and Community Factors That Impact Health and Learning Per 100 U.S. Students
A 2-sided graphical chart with references.

Encouraging Innovative Financing Opportunities to Support, Promote and Expand Access to Student Health Services
Talking Points for State School Nurse Leaders to Use with Local/State Stakeholders


Take Action: Speak Up and Be Heard

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