School Nurse of the Year

Current Award Recipient

Jenny Friel

Congratulations to The 2022 West Virginia School Nurse of the Year!

WVASN is honored to announce Jenny Friel RN, BSN, CSN as West Virginia’s School Nurse of the Year for 2022. In 2005, Jenny Friel became the first School Nurse in Pocahontas County. She established the School Health Program and the mobile dentistry program. As the only certified School Nurse for the five schools within the county, Jenny oversees 3 LPNs and provides the upmost care to her students. Mrs. Friel understands the community in which she lives and practices and provides health promotion and disease prevention to those in need.

Mrs. Friel is CPR certified and has an American Heart CPR instructor certification. She began serving on the West Virginia Council of School Nurses fall of 2014 and is currently in her second term. During the present year (2021-2022) she has helped establish policies and procedures for all WV School Nurses, along with developing safe and evidence-based practice standards as published in the Basic and Specialized Health Care Procedures Manual for West Virginia Public Schools. Additionally, she has helped the Council update the School Nurse Mentorship Manual and Supplemental Guidelines. She is currently serving her second year on the Nominating Committee for the West Virginia Association of School Nurses.

Mrs. Friel collaborates with local organizations to bring much needed services to the students in Pocahontas County. Through the mobile dentist program, students receive dental services they would otherwise not receive. She works with the Family Resource Network, making referrals related to teen pregnancy and for families in need. As a board member on the local health department, Jenny helps establish sanitary and health policies for the community. She is a member of the Pocahontas County Pandemic Task Force.

Mrs. Jenny Friel is the definition of what a school nurse represents. She is a role model for the community and the nursing profession.