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Student and Family Outreach Initiatives

CDC Parents for Healthy Schools (nutrition, physical activity, and chronic health conditions)

Discount Prescription Drug Card "M"

Lice Lessons NEW

Home to Homeroom (teen medicine abuse)

Keep Flu out of School > Parents Guardians

Sight for Students gift certificate program "M"

Stats4Vax NEW (teen immunizations)

Health Office Tools and Templates

12 Components of a Strong Vision Health System of Care NEW

Asthma Action Plan from NHLBI

Asthma Care Checklist

CDC Healthy Schools (School Nutrition Environment, Obesity Prevention, Physical Activity, Chronic Conditions)

Cultural Competency Assessment Checklist

Epinephrine Policies, Protocols and Reporting

School Health Office Diabetes Record forms "M" special member pricing

School Nurse Yearly Goals worksheet NEW

School Nursing Activities Calendar example NEW

Shriners Hospitals for Children Educational Materials (Burns, Spinal Cord Injury, Mobility-Related Conditions, Backpack Basics)

Tip Sheet for Selecting an Electronic Documentation System NEW

Tools for Nursing Delegation to Unlicensed Assistive Personnel

Triage Training for School First-Aid Teams "M" special member pricing

Uniform Data Set > Individual School Nurse Reporting Sheet NEW

Resources to Article Your Role

Better Health. Better Learning.TM e-toolkit -- Downloadable templates and tools in the e-toolkit available to members "M"

Cost-benefit Analysis Tools NEW

Every Student Succeeds Act: Talking Points for School Nurses NEW

Every Student Succeeds Act: What School Nurses Need to Know NEW

Home and Community Factors That Impact Health and Learning Per 100 U.S. Students (2-sided chart with references)

Public Health and School Nursing: Collaborating to Promote Health NEW (fact sheet)

Role of the 21st Century School Nurse NEW (position document)

School Nurses Assess and Address Social Determinants NEW (fact sheet)

School Nurses’ Role in Combating Chronic Absenteeism (white paper)

School Nursing and School-Based Health Centers - Working Together for Student Success NEW (fact sheet)

Educational Courses and Activities

2016 Outlook: The Road Ahead for School Nurse NEW (NASN Radio broadcast)

Blurred Lines: Understanding Sexuality for School Nurse Leaders "M" free to NASN members (Online CNE course)

Care Coordination: What Does it Mean and How do You do it? NEW (Winter Webinar archive)

Cultural Competency: Strategies to Reduce Health Disparities in School-age Children NEW "M" free for NASN members (Online CNE course)

Emergency Preparedness: Back to the Basics NEW (NASN Radio broadcast)

Evidence-Based Asthma Care in School: The School Nurse Role NEW (Online CNE course)

Framework for 21st Century School Nursing Practice NEW (NASN Radio broadcast)

Guide to New Insulin Technologies NEW (NASN Radio broadcast)

Helping Administer to the Needs of the Student with Diabetes in School "M" special member pricing (Online CNE course)

Managing the Vaccination Gap NEW (NASN Radio Broadcast)

Mental Health Training Intervention for Health Providers in Schools (MH-TIPS) (Online CNE course)

New Guidelines for Cardiac Emergencies in School NEW (NASN Radio broadcast)

School Nurses and Motivational Interviewing: Painting a Picture of What School Nurses Can Do NEW (Winter Webinar archive)

School Nurses: Building a Culture of Health NEW (Winter Webinar archive)

School Nurses - Prevention Agents Addressing the Opiate Epidemic NEW "M" free for NASN members (Online CNE course)

Standards of Practice for School Nursing: A Conversation about Standards of Practice NEW (Winter Webinar archive)

Stop the Bleed: How to Handle Life-Threatening Bleeding NEW (NASN Radio broadcast)

Student Abuse of Over the Counter Drugs: What You Need to Know NEW (NASN Radio broadcast)

Wellness for School Nurse Leaders [school activity and nutrition] "M" free for NASN members (Online CNE course)

Zika Virus: What Every School Nurse Needs to Know NEW (NASN Radio broadcast)

Professional References and Titles

Depression in Children and Adolescents: Guidelines for School Practice "M" special member pricing

Disaster Preparedness-Guidelines for School Nurses "M" special member pricing

Discounted Books at ShopAAP from the American Academy of Pediatrics "M"

Journals Online "M" Full-text Articles in The Journal of School Nursing and NASN School Nurse

Managing Diabetes at School: Tools for the School Nurse "M" special member pricing

Nursing Delegation to Unlicensed Assistive Personnel in the School Setting, Principles for Practice "M" special member pricing

School Nurse Administrators Leadership and Management "M" special member pricing

School Nurse Childhood Obesity Toolkit "M" special member pricing

School Nurse Evidence-Based Clinical Guidelines: Asthma "M" special member pricing

School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text

School Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice 2nd Edition "M" special member pricing