Blogging Instructions

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Before You Post Your Blog

Write a rough draft of your message. Here are some tips:

Decide on a short, meaningful, and attention-grabbing title.

A good length for your writing is somewhere between 200 and 400 words.

Use easy-to-read text and language; reading online should be somewhat effortless.

Begin with a summary of how your post.

Organize your message into short paragraphs.

Include a call to action in your message, i.e., earn more about the topic.

Write in first-person so the message is yours.

Include links to additional resources, definitions, and/or citations instead of inserting footnotes.

Review your NASN website profile

Does your profile have a photo? Does it have a bio? If not, consider adding these items. Also consider making sure that all visitors can see your photo and bio by editing your privacy settings in your profile; select My Account > Privacy Settings and choose ‘public’ for viewing of your photo and bio.

Reach out to NASN's meeting planner for blogging permissions.

Your NASN account must include the blogger role before the instructions below can be completed.

Post Your Blog

Go to

LOG IN using your NASN website login (If it is the first time you’ve logged in, your username is your email address and the default password is Password1).

Create your blog post:

Enter your blog title. This will be the title of your NASN conference session.

Enter your blog. Feel free to use images, but no logos; and feel free to insert links to external websites and resources.

In the settings below the blog entry, where it says “Associate this post with a community,” choose the NASN2023 conference OR leave as “Nothing Selected.”

In the setting where it says “Who can read your blog entry,” make sure it says “Public.”

Select the PUBLISH button.

Email NASN to let us know your blog has been posted --- NASN will link your blog to the conference website.