Presentation Slide Guidelines

Slide and Poster Guidelines

NASN Conference Slide Deck Instruction document: Detailed guidelines for presentation slides.

NASN Conference Poster Instruction document: Detailed guidelines for posters.

Other Presentation Instructions

Refrain from overt statements or pointed humor that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any person or group including but not limited to statements that relate to racial bias, immigration status, gender bias, sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc.

Follow accepted research procedures concerning protection of human subjects and confidentiality.

Obtain written permission from copyright holders for the use of any previously published material, graphics, infographics, data, intellectual property, etc. in presentation slides or handouts. This includes photos of celebrities, movies, clippings, and all other copyrighted material.

Limit the acknowledgement of commercial support to the name of the entity providing support. Slides, handouts and other materials shared with learners must be free of logos and trademarks of ineligible commercial interests.

Refrain from attempting to persuade learners to purchase or use a specific product, service, piece of equipment or device.