Fellows of NASN

The honor of Fellow is the most prestigious recognition that members can receive from the National Association of School Nurses (NASN). It is a symbol of superior achievement in the school nursing profession and exceptional contributions to NASN and the profession of school nursing. The depth and breadth of the Fellow’s imprint on the field is extraordinary; their contributions have had significant and enduring impact, and their exemplary leadership qualities and achievements are recognized by many.

Nominations are due by December 31st.  The application documents will be available soon.

Form 308: Information and Fellow Application Directions
This form guides petitioners and nominees through the nomination process.

Form 304: Nominee Information Form
This form is submitted with the nomination paperwork.  It is a Microsoft Word file.
Save this form to your computer.  Key or type information into the form.  Re-save the form to your computer.  Nomination paperwork includes a completed Form 304, a completed Form 309 (described below), three letters of recommendation, one letter of recommendation from the petitioner, and a curriculum vitae.

Form 309: Criteria and Activity Statements
This form is submitted with the nomination paperwork.  It is a Microsoft Excel file.
Save this form to your computer.  Key or type information into the form.  The form has nine (9) worksheets.  Click on the worksheet tabs across the bottom of the file to move from one worksheet to the next.  Re-save the form to your computer as you complete it. 

Form 305: Initial Review Check-off List
This form provides the petitioner and nominee with a check list to review before the nomination paperwork is submitted.

Fellows of the National Academy of School Nursing

(name, state, and year inducted)

Martha Arnold, Minnesota, 2003
Gladys Baker, Texas, 1999
Margaret Barry, OverseasSHNA, 2006
Laura Bauernfeind, OverseasSHNA, 2004
Patricia Baum, Ohio, 1999
Judith Beck, California, 2001
Patricia K. Bednarz, Michigan, 2010
Martha Dewey Bergren, Minnesota, 2002
Nancy A. Birchmeier, Michigan, 2005
Carol Boal, Wyoming, 2006
Beverly J. Bradley, California, 2000
Elaine Brainerd, Connecticut, 1999
Charlotte Marvin Brandt, California, 2004
Helen Brown, California, 1999
Marcia Buckminster, Massachusetts, 2006
Tia Campbell, Virginia 2014
Shirley I. Carstens, Washington, 1998
Lillian Casady, California, 1999
Debbie Chapel, Texas, 1997
Lorraine Chewey, New Jersey, 2018
Carol C. Costante, Maryland, 1998
Linda Davis-Alldritt, California, 2002
Sandra Delack, Rhode Island, 2013
Janice Denehy, Iowa, 2009
Janice Doyle, Washington, 2009
Carolyn Duff, South Carolina, 2018 
Vincy Dunn, Texas, 2003
Beverly Farquhar, Maine, 1998
Cynthia Galemore, Kansas, 2016 
Jean Grabeel, Missouri, 2011
Elizabeth Gregory, Texas, 1997
Joan Greshik, Wisconsin, 2005
Lynne Gustafson, Connecticut, 1999
Beth Lorraine Hadady, California, 1998
Vivian Miller Haines, Pennsylvania, 1998
Judith F. Harrigan, New York, 1998
Mary Ellen Hatfield, South Carolina, 1999
Mary E. Henley, California, 1998
Denise Ann Herrmann, Minnesota, 2007
Victoria Hertel, Colorado, 1998
Cynthia Hiltz, Minnesota, 2018 
Beverly Hine, Florida [New Mexico], 2017
Carolyn Holman, Alabama, 1999
Betty J. Holton, Ohio, 2002
Janis Hootman, Oregon, 2007
Judith B. Igoe, Colorado, 2001
Carol Iverson, Nebraska, 1998
Laura T. Jannone, New Jersey, 2012
Kathleen Johnson, Washington, 2016
Jeanne Kiefner, New Jersey, 2004
Patricia Krin, Connecticut, 2012
Algene Larson, Minnesota, 2003
Keeta DeStefano Lewis, California, 1998
Susan Lordi, California, 1998
Ann Lowry, Massachusetts, 1999
Doris Luckenbill, Pennsylvania, 1999
Ruth Ellen Luehr, Minnesota, 1997
Elizabeth Mattey, Delaware, 2018
Erin Maughan, Utah, 2016
Sue Ann McCarroll, Colorado, 2004
Ann Marie McCarthy, Iowa, 2011
Linda Mendonca, Rhode Island, 2017
Wanda Miller, Minnesota, 1997
Lindsey Minchella, Indiana, 2014
Nancy Mosca, Ohio, 2012
Elizabeth Ann Murphy, Virginia 2006
Norma Nikkola, Ohio, 2017
Katherine M. O'Neill, Massachusetts, 2007
Kathleen Patrick, Colorado, 2011
Madalyn Schultz Petit, Delaware, 2005
Deborah Pontius, Nevada, 2016
Susan Praeger, Ohio, 2004
Susan Proctor, California, 1999
Dorothy J. Reilly, New Mexico, 2005
Cheryl Resha, Connecticut, 2012
Patty Rezabek, Minnesota, 2001
Nancy Rini, Ohio, 2004
Peggy Rufner, Arizona, 1999
Nadine Schwab, Connecticut, 1999
Karen Sedlacek, Alaska, 2004
Janice Selekman, Delaware, 2012
Marilyn Shattuck (formerly Marcontel), Texas, 1997
Rhoda Shepherd, Iowa, 2013
Cynthia Kay Silkworth, Minnesota, 1998
Shirley Steel, Maryland, 1997
Mary Ann Swanson, Minnesota, 2007
Gail Synoground, Washington, 1998
Eleanor Lucile Thelander, Minnesota, 2000
Elizabeth L. Thomas, Delaware, 2007 
Jane Tustin, Texas, 2003
Elaine Taboskey Wade, Florida, 1998
Andree Wallis, California, 1998
Susan I.S. Will, Minnesota, 1998
Kay Williams, Minnesota, 1999
Sally Robinson Williams, California, 1998
Margaret Winters, Illinois, 2003
Linda C. Wolfe, Delaware, 2007
Donna Zaiger, Missouri, 1999
Barbara Zimmerman, Pennsylvania, 2008