Research Priorities

NASN Research Priorities 2020‐2021

NASN encourages a broad range of research related to promoting student health. For 2020-2021, NASN is particularly interested in interventions related to school health and COVID-19, as well as robust research on the following topics that will align with NASN’s research trajectory.

These include:

  • The impact of infrastructure, financing (including Medicaid), policy, and systems on school health care processes and outcomes.
  • Cost benefit analyses related to school nursing services.
  • Testing the impact of NASN guidelines on student health and well-being.
  • Analysis of effective implementation strategies to improve the number of school nurses using evidence-based practices.
  • Studies (including analysis of existing data) that examine the structural measures of school health services or school nursing interventions (process measures) on individual and population-based student outcomes (i.e. chronic absenteeism, chronic condition management, seat time, early dismissal, errors). Examples of structural measures may include (but are not limited to) education level of school nurse, certification, supervision, using an electronic health record, and time management.

In addition to robust research projects, systematic literature reviews synthesizing the state of the science in priority areas would also be valued contributions to the literature.

Page last updated August 2020.

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