Research Priorities

NASN Research Priorities 2018‐19

NASN encourages a broad range of research topics related to promoting student health. For 2018-2019, NASN is particularly interested in robust research on the following topics to expand the needed knowledge base in school nursing research.

Research priority areas:

Impact of student or population focused interventions on school nurse sensitive student health (health office visits, medication administration accuracy, and immunization rates) and educational outcomes (attendance, seat time, early dismissal) that integrate school nursing in the context of the school setting.

Models of school nursing and health services (i.e. RN per school or RN-supervised health extenders covering multiple schools, varying education levels) and their impact on student health (safety, physical and mental health, access to care, chronic conditions), educational outcomes (academics success, chronic absenteeism), and economic outcomes (cost).

Processes and/or infrastructure that promote and accelerate the adoption and integration of evidence-based school nursing services and practices into school settings.

Approaches by school nurses that effectively manage conditions and empower students and their caregivers to sustain self-management of chronic conditions over time.

Infrastructure, financing, policy, and systems changes that maximize the school nurse’s ability to provide optimal, evidence based care to students (i.e. supervision, career ladder, level of support).

Strengthening local, state, and national data collection and sharing, particularly related to NASN’s National School Health Data Set: Every Student Counts!TM data initiative.

In addition to robust research projects and secondary data analyses of existing data, systematic literature reviews synthesizing the state of the science in priority areas would also be valued contributions to the literature.

Page last updated August 2018.

Statement from NASN and NASSNC

NASN and NASSNC announce that the Step Up and Be Counted! Collaborative initiative between the two organizations has concluded and that the final infographic produced under the initiative was based upon 2015-2016 data. Please contact NASN if you are interested in use of any products created pursuant to that collaboration (including data points/definitions, infographics, or the 3S Model).

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