Research Priorities

The National Association of School Nurses Research and Evidence-Based Practice Priorities

The National Association of School Nurses (NASN) encourages researchers and implementation scientists to invest in programs of inquiry with well-designed projects that build upon existing knowledge, meet growing evidence needs, and result in improved health and well-being of students, school communities, and school nurses. A range of approaches, including 1) multisite, longitudinal, mixed methods, and intervention studies and 2) evidence-based, outcomes-driven, and replicable quality improvement projects, are essential for the advancement of school nursing knowledge and its impact on NASN’s vision to keep students healthy, safe, and ready to learn.

In alignment with NASN’s Strategic Plan Goals, NASN champions scientific inquiry that addresses one or more of the following focus areas:

Strategic Plan Goal

Focus Area

NASN priorities inquiry that addresses:

Goal1 Engage school nurses in 21st Century Practice.

School Nurse Workforce

School Nursing Workforce: Advancing the understanding of the school nursing workforce factors and models of care that facilitate delivery of optimal school health services

Healthy Work Environment: Optimizing the work environment for school nurse well-being, professional impact, workforce diversification, practice at one’s full scope in alignment with the School Nursing Practice Framework™, and as a key member of the school health services team

Goal 2 Pursue health, education, and social equity for students through shared leadership.

Funding for School Nursing Services

Economics of School Nursing Services: Securing sustainable funding, understanding drivers of funding, and demonstrating cost-effectiveness of school nursing services so all students can have access to high quality school health services led by a school nurse

Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health: Advocating for nurse-led school health services models of care that support health equity and reduce student inequities

School Violence, Disasters, and Emergency Response: Ensuring safe learning environments for students through equitable access to school nurses and interdisciplinary team collaboration

Goal 3 Secure foundational school health evidence.

Data & School Nursing Outcomes

Effectiveness and Outcomes of School Nursing Practice: Building evidence of school nursing’s contribution to effective school health services delivery, student learning, health, and school climate

Implementation into School Nursing Practice: Facilitating the uptake of evidence from school nursing and related services into practice

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