Position Statements

NASN Position Statements are documents stating the position or stance of NASN regarding a child health, school health, or school nursing issue which includes historical, political, financial, social, ethical, and/or scientific aspects of the issue.

The Behavioral Health and Wellness of Students (Revised June 2021)

Bullying and Cyberbullying - Prevention in Schools (Adopted June 2018)

Child Maltreatment, Prevention and Treatment of – The Role of the School Nurse (Adopted June 2018)

Child Mortality in the School Setting (Revised June 2017)

Chronic Absenteeism, School Nurses - An Integral Member of the School Team Addressing (Adopted June 2018)

Comprehensive Health Education in Schools (Adopted January 2022)

Concussions: School Based Management (Revised January 2021)

Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) – The Role of the School Nurse (Revised June 2018)

Education, Licensure, and Certification of School Nurses (Revised January 2021)

Electronic Health Records: An Essential Tool for School Nurses to Keep Students Healthy (Adopted January 2019)

Emergency Preparedness (Revised June 2019 )

Environmental Health (Revised January 2021)

Head Lice Management in Schools (Revised June 2020)

Healthy Communities - The Role of the School Nurse (Adopted January 2018)

Human Trafficking (Adopted June 2021)

IDEIA and Section 504 Teams - The School Nurse as an Essential Team Member (Adopted January 2018)

Immunizations (Revised January 2020)

Individualized Healthcare Plans to Support School Health Services, Use of (Revised January 2020)

LGBTQ Students (Revised January 2021)

Naloxone in the School Setting (Revised June 2020)

Overweight and Obesity in Children and Adolescents in Schools - The Role of the School Nurse (Revised January 2018)

Recess, Supporting Scheduled (Adopted January 2019)

Reimbursement for School Nursing Services (Revised January 2018)

Restraint and Seclusion in the School Setting, Use of (Revised January 2021)

School Health Services Team: Supporting Student Outcomes (Adopted January 2020)

School-located Vaccination (Revised January 2022)

School Nurse Workload: Staffing for Safe Care (Revised June 2020)

School-sponsored Before, After, and Extended School Year Programs - The Role of the School Nurse (Revised June 2018)

School-sponsored Trips - The Role of the School Nurse (Amended June 2019)

School Violence - The Role of the School Nurse (Revised January 2018)

Service Animals in Schools (Revised June 2019)

Skin Cancer, Prevention of due to Ultraviolet Ray Exposure - The Role of the School Nurse (Adopted January 2018)

Student Access to School Nursing Services (Adopted January 2022)

Supervision and Evaluation of the School Nurse (Revised June 2018)

Telehealth, The Role of School Nursing in (Adopted June 2017)

Transition Planning for Students with Healthcare Needs (Adopted January 2019)