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Mind-Body Skills Week 3

By Andrea Tanner, PhD, RN, NCSN posted 06-22-2022 10:59


Dear School Nurses, 

Welcome back to another installment of Mind-Body Medicine skills for school nurses.

You face challenges every day. What if you could escape to a safe place or have a wise companion with whom you could discuss dilemmas and life’s troubles?

Those ways of approaching stress may be closer than you think. This week’s video introduces you to Safe Place and Wise Guide imagery. Some connect these practices with spiritual practices and a Higher Power; others associate these practices with internal unconscious or subconscious thoughts. Whichever way you choose to associate these imagery practices and use them in your life, I hope you enjoy a sense of calm and peace as you use them.

Give this unique imagery practice a try by watching the skill video.

Once you have given this imagery skill a try, join us for the Mind-Body Skills Week 3 discussion.

Be well!
Andrea Tanner PhD, RN, NCSN
NASN Consulting Research Strategist