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Satchels & Purses for Nurses Endowment Event!

By Julia Lechtenberg, MSN, NCSN, RN posted 05-17-2022 14:49


Don't miss the Satchels and Purses for Nurses Endowment event! Satchels and Purses for Nurses is the Endowment Fundraising Committee’s most popular fundraising event!

The Endowment enables NASN to award educational scholarships and nursing research grants to advance school nursing practice.

Each year, NASN affiliate school nurse organizations and NASN Past Presidents donate purses, satchels, and/ or totes to be auctioned off at our silent auction. These high-quality bags are valued at a minimum of $100.

This year the bags are being displayed in the exhibit hall (booth 1012). Bidding begins on Tuesday, June 28th (12 noon – 4:30 p.m.) and ends on Wednesday June 29th at 12:45 p.m.  Bid winners will be notified via the conference mobile app and will pick up and pay for their items on Thursday, June 30th.

This event allows attendees to purchase one (or more) bag(s) while supporting the Endowment Fund.  After placing your bid, we hope you will purchase a beautiful conference-themed scarf! [see image below]

All proceeds from these fundraising activities go directly to the Endowment fund.

Thank you for supporting school nursing research and the educational advancement of school nurses!