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Benefits of NASN Membership Is it for you? Why or why not?

By Meg Jenkins, MS, BSN, RN, NCSN posted 09-15-2023 11:21


What are the costs, and more importantly, what are the benefits?


I have been a school nurse for gulp, 29 + years and a registered nurse for 40. Not sure how that happened, but I do know this. My practice as a nurse in the school setting has exponentially improved with my membership at both the state and national levels. My membership in my (NH) school nurses association (NHSNA)  was, at best, sporadic for the first part of my school health career. I was working multiple jobs, single parenting and too busy. But then…while attending a conference, I offered to help with registration…and you KNOW how the rest goes!! I then made sure to join annually.  Once they knew I had some flexibility in my life, other board members reached out, pulled me in, and I could not be happier! 

I started out by attending monthly board meetings and serving on several committees, (hospitality, education and conference planning). I was amazed by the knowledge and expertise at the table. I was encouraged to further my education to the Masters level and eventually, after attending the conference in Baltimore, I really got it. I still  had so much to learn! I was encouraged and supported every step of the way. Next up, I obtained my NCSN, which has opened other doors for me as well. Here I am now, the NH Director for  NASN, involved with the Membership and Professional Practice Document Advisory Committees. I could not be busier or happier! 

My membership in the NHSNA,  NASN and ANA-NH has afforded me many things:

  • Ongoing professional development

    • There are many educational  opportunities free with membership that will equal the cost of dues.

  • The ability to  obtain vision care for students through my NASN membership and the VSP program, a game changer for many families

  • Advocacy tools to help formulate systematic changes to better improve my practice and the level of care I provide my students.

  • Tools kits for common issues seen in health offices across the country.

  • The ability to pay my dues quarterly took the sting out of a big annual payment. If other organization fee structures are reviewed, you will find our membership cost is in fact, very affordable. One example is the  American Nurse Association which is $210 annually.

  • Discounts on conferences

    • Every school nurse should try to attend the NASN annual conference at least once in their career. I know I was blown away by the incredible level of professionalism I saw there. The collegiality  amongst the attendees from all over the country was amazing. The information I bring back every year is incredible.

    • I have made, what I know are, lifelong friends!! Both as NASN DIrectors and other nurses I have met ion sessions or while enjoying the city the conference is hosted in.

This list is just a snippet of what is available with NASN membership and I highly encourage you to join. If you are a NASN member already, consider referring a fellow colleague to NASN and you will earn a $10 NASN e-commerce credit for each colleague who joins. As part of the membership committee, please know we are here to support ALL our school nurses and help it whatever way we can, and are strategizing ways to make membership affordable and equitable to all. 

I truly believe that all school nurses should be members of NASN, as I truly believe the benefits are well worth the nominal investment.

With the power of many, at 18,000+  Together We Are  #NASNSTRONG (and growing)!!

 NASN Strong - National Association of School Nurses