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JOSN April Podcast: U.S. School Nursing Job Analysis

By NASN Inc posted 04-25-2022 20:57


Martha Dewey Bergren, editor of The Journal of School Nursing, interviews author Brenna Morse to discuss the article, "U.S. School Nursing Job Analysis."

Learn more about this article by reading the abstract below and listening to the podcast.

The complexity and demands of the school nurse role have changed greatly over time. Our aims included determining tasks and knowledge relevant to modern school nursing in the United States, identifying continuing education needs of school nurses, and describing anticipated changes to the professional role. A secondary analysis of a cross-sectional web-based survey of 750 school nurses was performed. The study team evaluated calculations of mean importance and frequency for school nursing task and knowledge statements. Conventional content analysis was used to analyze open-ended responses. School nurses rated most tasks and knowledge as relevant to practice, underscoring the great depth and breadth of education and training school nurses need to meet the demands of students today. The results of this secondary analysis may be leveraged to accurately describe the school nurse role, advocate for nursing services, and support school nurses as they strive to better the health of school communities.