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NASN School Nurse Podcast: School Nursing for the Novice: How Do I Begin?

By NASN Inc posted 14 days ago


In this NASN School Nurse Podcast, NASN School Nurse Editor Cynthia Galemore interviews authors Cheryl Blake and Gail Trano about the article, "School Nursing for the Novice: How Do I Begin?"

Learn more about this article by reading the abstract below and listening to the podcast.

Obtaining a position as a school nurse is an exciting career opportunity, but the reality of a new position in a new specialty area can quickly lead to anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. Your first thoughts might be, “Can I really do this job?” and “Where and how do I begin?” The answer to these questions will depend on your situation—are you a nurse hired for a previously established school nurse position, or are you the first nurse at your school charged with initiating a school health program? The purpose of this article is to offer guidance for the novice school nurse in establishing a school health program and school nurse office, as well as to encourage and provide direction for the development of your school nursing practice.