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Social Media and Youth Mental Health

By NASN Inc posted 05-26-2023 13:42


U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy released a new Advisory on Social Media and Youth Mental Health, describing the current evidence on the impacts of social media on the mental health of children and adolescents. It states that we cannot conclude social media is sufficiently safe for children and adolescents and outlines immediate steps we can take to mitigate the risk of harm.

See NASN's NCPD program, The Biopsychosocial Impact of Tech Dependence: It's Putting Us At Risk. As a result of participating in this educational program, learners will be able to: 

  • Describe ways technology is negatively impacting family interactions. 
  • Cite research studies on how technology impacts student and professional social functions. 
  • Relate ways technology is having a negative physical impact on students and professionals. 
  • Outline the negative psychological impacts technology is having on mood disorders. 
  • Provide different methods for improving student and professional coping skills to deal with technology and social stressors.

Upon completion, participants will receive 1.0 NCPD contact hours, and there is no cost for NASN members.