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New Podcast: School Nurses Can Reduce Firearm Injuries and Deaths

By NASN Inc posted 07-14-2023 12:00


NASN School Nurse Editor Cynthia Galemore interviews Laurie Combe and Robin Cogan about the article "School Nurses Can Reduce Firearm Injuries and Deaths."

Learn more about this article by reading the abstract below and listening to the podcast

The increasing incidents of school shootings in recent years have resulted in America’s students, teachers, and staff feeling vulnerable. The most effective approach to creating safe and supportive school environments requires a comprehensive, coordinated effort including school-wide, district-wide, and community-wide strategies. School nurses, healthcare partners embedded in school communities, can guide these efforts. This article reviews data on school located gun violence through a public health lens, as well as outlines a framework for levels of prevention, including downstream, midstream, and upstream strategies. Finally, the article includes evidence-based examples, models, and tools for each level of prevention.