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What You Need to Know About Celiac Disease and Disorders of Gut–Brain Interaction

By NASN Inc posted 09-07-2023 12:00


NASN School Nurse Editor Cynthia Galemore interviews Margaret Bultas and Elissa Brueggemann about the article "Celiac Disease and Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction: What School Nurses Need to Know."

Learn more about this article by reading the abstract below and listening to the podcast

Abdominal pain and discomfort are common reasons students visit the school health office. Abdominal pain, in children, may be related to gastrointestinal conditions such as celiac disease (CD) or disorders of gut-brain interaction (DGBIs). Both CD and DGBIs, formerly known as functional abdominal pain disorders, are both prevalent in the pediatric population. Manifestations, presentation, and management of these disorders overlap and will be reviewed in this article. Due to their chronic nature, school nurses should be aware of both the management and complications associated with CD and DGBIs. Dietary recommendations, including the gluten-free and low-fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols (FODMAPS) diet, will be presented as part of the management of the disorders.