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Podcast Discussion on Medical Cannabis and School

By NASN Inc posted 01-23-2020 10:55

NASN School Nurse Editor, Cynthia Galemore, interviews authors MaryAnn Strawhacker about her article, "Medical Cannabis and School: Separating Fact From Fiction."

Learn more about this article by reading the abstract below, listening to the podcast and reading the full-text article.

The majority of states have legalized medical marijuana (MM) despite its Federal Schedule 1 designation as an illegal substance. Public schools must comply with Drug Free Workplace laws or risk the loss of federal funding. To address the conflict between state and federal laws regulating MM, the National Association of School Nurses issued a position brief in January 2019. The accompanying article introduces the Cannabis/Marijuana Position Brief and provides guidance for school nurses who encounter a student treated with MM. Topics addressed include background implications of federal marijuana and hemp law, mechanism of action for MM, Epidiolex overview, current research regarding efficacy of MM for common qualifying conditions, and implications for school nursing practice.



Great article.  Very informative and relevant. I have recommended that all school nurses in my district listen to this Podcast. Thank you.

01-27-2020 14:59

Great podcast and article - thanks for sharing this very relevant information with our membership!