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How to Implement and Maintain an AED Program in Your School

By NASN Inc posted 02-08-2021 16:29

​Protecting children and adults in schools is an important public health and safety measure. The American Heart Association led a national collaboration of key stakeholders to develop a policy statement outlining the model to create, implement, and practice Cardiac Emergency Response Plans for schools. School nurses are often tasked with the creation and ongoing leadership of such programs. This course will equip the school nurse leader to systematically plan, implement, grow, and sustain an AED program with an efficient, effective sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) response, and strategies for ongoing quality improvement in SCA response.  This course was originally presented at Virtual NASN2020 and is now available in the NASN Learning Center. Learn more or enroll in Cardiac Emergency Preparedness - The Role of the School Nurse in Leading a Multidisciplinary Team.​