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Evidence-Based Guideline on Medication Administration

By NASN Inc posted 09-13-2021 15:26


NASN recently launched an evidence-based clinical practice guideline on medication administration.  It provides school nurses with a uniform practice guideline for the administration of medication in schools.  To support the implementation of the guideline, an accompanying toolkit will be available soon.  Implementation of this guideline will improve the structure, processes, and outcomes of medication administration in schools, including:

  • Decrease in medication errors;
  • Adoption of standardized reporting of medication errors;
  • Strengthening of security measures and resources;
  • Increase in annual medication audits across school systems;
  • Increase in the adoption of Fair and Just Culture; and
  • Adoption of medication reconciliation practices.

 School Nursing Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guideline: Medication Administration in Schools