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NASN Scholarship Deadline Extended to October 25th

By NASN Inc posted 10-15-2021 08:27


Deadline extended from October 15th to October 25th

NASN members are invited to apply for one of three NASN scholarships.  The deadline is October 25, 2021.

Endowment Education Scholarship

Purpose: Improve school nursing by assisting current professional registered school nurses or school nurse educators to pursue post baccalaureate certification or graduate degrees.

History: This scholarship originated as the Shirley Steel Award in 1994. Shirley Steel, NASN President (1991-92) from the state of Maryland, was a strong advocate for continuing education for school nurses. The original award was funded by a personal donation from Past President Steel and the Maryland Association of School Health Nurses. NASN has continued to budget and annually provide educational scholarships to NASN members who are advancing their education within school nursing.

Advocacy Education Scholarship

Purpose: The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial support for a school nurse to participate in an advocacy education program.

History: The funds for this scholarship were originally named The NASN Advocacy Education Award in honor of Sally Williams, NASN's first President (1970-71). Past President Williams of California worked tirelessly for many years to convince the National Education Association (NEA) to address the unique needs and contributions of school nurses. On July 4, 1968, her efforts resulted in the establishment of the Department of Nursing within the NEA. Her vision was to bring school nurses together with a common voice and goal in speaking out on legislative issues that impacted school health.

RN to BSN Education Advancement Scholarship

Purpose: Intended to improve school nursing by assisting registered nurses employed in schools to advance their education and by recognizing continuing education as a priority among school nurses.

History: In 2010 the IOM: Future of Nursing recommended supporting the advancement of nurses, with the goal that 80% of nurses have a baccalaureate degree by 2020. Allowing one NASN scholarship to support a school nurse to pursue a baccalaureate nursing degree will support the advancement of school nursing practice.