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NASN Website Search Solution

By Sharon Conley, BA posted 10-17-2022 14:47


NASN is excited to offer a search solution that will help you find more of NASN's content. The enhanced search will locate all of our online content including content in our two journals. 

IMPORTANT: When searching for discussions or attachments (library entries), refine the search results to include discussions you can see. Click on the blue bar labeled COMMUNITIES below and select your communities. [If you do NOT do this, the search results will include content you can't see; content in communities for which you do not have a membership.]

Initiate a Search

  • Select the magnifying glass in the upper right corner area of the website.
  • Key your word or phase in the search box.
  • Strike or click the ENTER key on your keyboard.

View this brief video to see the search in action.




10-22-2022 08:59

Nadine, I will email you directly on this.  Here is my response:

When you “click into a link to look at content,” open the link in a new window so that you do not lose your search results.  How do you do this?  If you have a mouse, right click on the link and select “open in a new window.”  If you are on a mobile device with no mouse, place your finger on the link and push and hold on it until a menu pops up that includes “open in a new window.”  This way, you will always have your search results on the original window you are viewing.

Regarding being able to search for threads having a certain # of responses, I like that.  I will check with developers of the search solution to see if this is possible.  I will also ask if the results could, at the very least, show the # of responses a thread has.  Thank you for asking about it!

10-22-2022 06:53

Help! Problems with new search:
a) once you click into a link to look at content, then try to go back to list- the search list has changed with back to page one or the relevance/oldest/newest or both has altered. (if you were on page 180/1000 of search, you bump all way back to 1)
b) there is no way to search for discussion threads for # of if you are lucky clicking on a title you may get a discussion thread with LOTS of responses (very helpful) or you may get an initial thread from 1 person (not helpful) ....and then you get bumped back to either page 1 or an altered list. Please fix, the current search is not user friendly.