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Manage Email from NASN Discussion Lists and Online Community

By Sharon Conley, BA posted 10-27-2022 16:12


Get Subscribed to Discussion Lists

Lists With Automatic Subscriptions

All Member Forum: Members are automatically subscribed to receive email from this forum.

Affiliate Discussion Lists: If the NASN affiliate school nurse organization has a community with NASN, members are automatically subscribed to receive email from the community's discussion list.

Special Interest Group Discussion Lists: If an NASN member selects a group or groups in their NASN account, they will be automatically subscribed to the group's discussion list.

Annual Conference Discussion Lists: Registrants of NASN's annual conference are automatically subscribed to the event's discussion list.

Leader Discussion Lists: Individuals who serve in a leadership position with NASN are automatically subscribed to discussion lists related to their position.

Lists With Manual Subscriptions

Go to the list of all communities to view optional communities with discussion lists for which you can subscribe or join.

Maintain Subscription Delivery

Keep Your Email Address Current

Check the email address on file in your NASN account. NASN uses the email logged as primary.

Review Your Community Notification Settings

If your email server bounces email back to NASN, the online community will block further attempts to email you. Check for a block in the community notification settings of your NASN website profile.

If you unsubscribe from a community discussion list, you will no longer receive email from that community. Check your email delivery selections for each community in the community notification settings of your NASN website profile.

Update Your Safe Sender List

If your community notification settings are correct and you are still not receiving email, you can add these email addresses to your safe sender list:

Manage the Frequency of Subscription Delivery

Frequency Options

DAILY DIGEST: One email per day containing any and all messages posted the day prior. NOTE: No email delivery on the weekend.

REAL TIME: One email for each message posted. If this results it too much email, change to the daily digest selection.

NO EMAIL: No email is sent to the person's inbox but messages can still be viewed on the community website.

Manage the subscription delivery frequency in the community notification settings of your NASN website profile.

NOTE: If you are interested in the Weekly Consolidated Digest option, please reach out to NASN for instructions.

Opt Into Community Emails

Community emails are messages NASN sends. They keep you current with NASN membership renewal information and NASN product news.

NASN recommends you keep the community email setting set to YES.

Discussion List Rules and Etiquette

The code of conduct contains rules and etiquette for NASN's online community, which includes discussion lists. A reminder about the code of conduct is emailed to members on an annual basis.

If you have any questions about the online community or its discussion lists, please contact me at