Special Interest Groups

Special interest groups (SIGs) allow school nurses to connect with colleagues working in a similar practice. Each SIG has an online community and discussion list on SchoolNurseNet and meets in-person annually at the NASN Annual Conference. 

How to Enroll

To become a member of a SIG, choose the SIG when you join NASN or add it anytime by editing your profile. If you need assistance, contact NASN. 

SIG Online Communities

When a member enrolls in this special interest group via the membership application or NASN profile, they are automatically given access to the online community.

To opt into discussion list messages from the community, members must edit their community notification preferences in their SchoolNurseNet profile

How to edit community notifications: Go to your profile, select my account, select community notifications, and then select real time mail delivery or daily digest mail delivery.


School Nurse Educators 

Private, Independent, and Parochial School Nurses 

School Nurse Administrators 

Special Needs School Nurses