Assessment Checklist

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As you conduct an assessment for the children you serve remember to assess for cultural needs. Below is a checklist of what to assess. Remember not to assume and be sensitive to how you ask questions so as not to offend or create. The best way of doing this is by asking “tell me about….” 

Before you assess a student and their family—be aware of your own biases and how they may influence how you interpret results. “Bracket” them or put them to the side as much as possible so you can be open to the needs of your families. 

This same list can be used when ensuring you have addressed cultural needs in the care plan.

“Tell me about…..” 

  • Language 

  • Cultural Identification 

  • Religious Identification 

    • Will this impact health practices? 

  • View of Health 

    • Cause of sickness (i.e. germ theory, ‘curse’) 

  • Health Practices 

    • Medication 

    • Traditional healing 

  • Food 

  • Support Network 

  • Social determinants 

    • Education/literacy level 

    • Environmental Concerns 

    • Socio-economic Status 

  • Comprehension 

    • Are you and the student/family on the same page? 

    • Do you understand them? 

    • Do they understand what you have said?

Page published September 2013.