Get Trained - Epinephrine Administration

Get Trained© is a program intended to be used as a tool and resource for scripted training of unlicensed school staff to administer epinephrine via an auto injector during an anaphylactic emergency. The program recommendations and content are based on best practices. Each school nurse must exercise independent professional judgment when practicing and conducting training. Because nurse practice acts differ from state to state, each school nurse must ensure before presenting the training that it is consistent with applicable state laws and regulations, including those governing delegation, as well as applicable school district policies and procedures.

The Get Trained School Nursing Program is only intended to provide training to unlicensed school staff to administer an epinephrine auto-injector.

Please see the NASN's allergies and anaphylaxis web page for information on a full allergy and anaphylaxis management program for your school.

The Get Trained School Nursing Program was created through an unrestricted grant from Mylan Specialty.

Page last updated April 2015.