NASN's 50th Anniversary

This is a milestone year for NASN. As details about conference 50th Anniversary "happenings" are ready, they will be shared here. You don't want to miss this year's conference!

50th Anniversary Dance Party

Back by popular demand! Details will be shared here as they become available.

President's Challenge $50 for 50 Years

NASN's President Nina Fekaris is challenging all school nurses to contribute $1 for every year NASN has been serving the needs of students and school nurses. Learn more.

Anniversary Museum: Vision and Voices

In the 1950’s, the thought of a national organization for school nurses was a dream, but many years of hard work on July 4, 1968, that dream became a reality. Come and join the celebration and the journey of NASN. Follow the footsteps of our organization’s partners, leaders, and members. Step back in time discovering the stories, explore the artifacts and immerse yourself in NASN history.