2024 Vice President Candidate: Liz Pray

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Liz Pray, MSN-Ed, RN, NCSN

Liz Pray

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Liz Pray, MSN-Ed, RN, NCSN

Vice President Candidate

Current NASN Affiliate: School Nurse Organization of Washington (SNOW)

Major Clinical, Teaching, or Practice Area: School Nurse - Elementary and Secondary

Education: Western Governors University, Nursing Education, MSN-Ed, 2015; Washington State University, Nursing, BSN, 2011; Big Bend Community College, Nursing, ADN, 2004

Awards, Achievements, and Honors: School Nurse of the Year, 2021 - 2022; NASN Recognition Award, 2021; Friend of Children Award, 2021; SNOW Save a Life Award, 2016

Number of Years in School Nursing: 9 years

Employment: Moses Lake School District, School Nurse, 2014 - Present:

  • One of eleven school nurses serving the Moses Lake School District’s 8900 students.
  • 504 team member assisting with management and implementation.
  • Assessment, development, and oversight of student health care plans for students with acute / chronic medical conditions.
  • Training and delegation of nursing tasks to unlicensed staff providing care for stable students. Including medication administration, g-tube feedings, and catheterization.
  • Liaison between administration and Local / State Health Jurisdictions for safety and control of communicable diseases including potential management for outbreaks.
  • Evaluate, monitor, and alert school administration to safety concerns at the building level.
  • Health counseling, care coordination, and communication with providers to ensure student safety and everyday needs are met. Includes assisting with scheduling appointments, refilling medications, and recognizing adverse side effects from medications.
  • MTSS/IEP/Threat Assessment team member participating in plans to promote student success at the school level.
  • Health screenings and review of medical information as requested for 504/IEP evaluations.
  • Oversight of building health room including supply ordering, emergency action plans,planning of annual Sudden Cardiac Awareness drill for recertification of Heart Safe School with Project ADAM NW.
  • Management of district AED program that includes 65 machines

Other Significant Positions Held: BSA Merit Badge Counselor, 2017 - Present

Present NASN Offices/Appointments: WA State NASN Director, 2023 - Present; NASN Advocacy Committee Co-Chair, 2023 - Present

Past NASN Offices/Appointments: NASN Core Value Work Group, 2022 - Present

Present NASN Affiliate Offices/Appointments: WA State NASN Director, 2023 - Present

Past NASN Affiliate Offices/Appointments: SNOW President, 2020 - 2022; SNOW President-Elect, 2019 - 2020; SNOW Vice President, 2017 - 2019

Present Offices/Appointments in Other Associations: NA

Past Offices/Appointments in Other Associations: NA

Publications Significant to School Nursing: NA

Participation in Publication Review: NA

Presentations Significant to School Nursing:

  • 2022 NASN Leadership Academy, Using Advocacy and Persistence for Change

Research Significant to School Nursing: NA

Participation in Data Collection:

  • Current Pilot Site for NASN Chronic Absenteeism Program
  • Annual District Wide Assessment for evaluation of Nursing Services, 2014 - Present

Statement of View: The National Association of School Nurses is in a unique position to amplify the visibility and role of School Nursing as we are crossing into the third year of a global pandemic. As an organization we need to continue to build strategic connections that will allow both affiliates and members to provide the ultimate care for the students served across the country. The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated School Nursing in a different light.The momentum has escalated and the value of a School Nurse, working to their FULL scope of practice, has the capacity to assist their school community in new ways. Having served as President of the School Nurse Organization of Washington, I know first hand the struggles that both affiliates and local nurses face to provide education on the role School Nurses play in ensuring that our students are safe, healthy, and ready to learn. The organization needs to continue to use our voice educating the public on the importance of equitable access. We need to be the voice of our students and ensure that every student has access to a full time School Nurse. The future leaders of our affiliate organizations need to be identified,encouraged, and mentored in order to fill open positions at all levels. School Nurses are poised for change, we need to seize this moment and make a difference.

This Vice President candidate completed the Nominating Committee process.