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Coronavirus Disease 19 - Talking Points for School Nurses

By NASN Inc posted 02-26-2020 14:45


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I am wondering, as we prepare to re open our schools (whenever that may be), what that will look like in terms of screening? PPE? 
What will we need in terms of gloves, masks, gowns etc. I have never had a stockpile of masks, gowns (or goggles).  
Any thoughts?

03-21-2020 10:37

We have both a faculty day care center and a large after school program.  I see that CDC is recommending that we should not mix age groups in these programs.  What are others doing as you plan a return to school?
Excellent resources. For the school nurse's office, spray and wipe frequently touched surfaces in your office space. Send children home who are febrile and coughing, encourage hand washing and cough hygiene (messages, emails, parent handouts). And stay home if you are sick!