NASN Strong

NASN members are more influential than they know! Through the influence of NASN members, 1,500+ individuals have joined NASN.

NASN Members who participate in the NASN Strong initiative earn $10 in NASN e-commerce credits for each new member referred. Credits can be used towards dues renewal payments, NASN annual conference registration, and purchases in the NASN bookstore.

Guidelines for NASN members:

Refer a colleague and receive a $10 NASN e-commerce credit.

Refer individuals to become a new member or to reinstate a lapsed membership.  This program is NOT valid for members renewing a current membership.

Refer as many individuals as you can.

Credits earned may be redeemed by NASN members only.  If a membership lapses and is cancelled, any earned credits connected to the membership will expire.

Credits earned may be applied to online purchases only.

Credits earned may be applied to a dues renewal payment online, a bookstore purchase online, or a live program registration online.

Guidelines for individuals joining:

Individuals must join as new members or members reinstating a lapsed membership. 

Individuals must use the online membership application when joining or reinstating a lapsed membership.

Individuals must choose 'NASN Strong [Strength in Numbers]'' from the 'How did you hear about us' pick list on the online membership application.

Individuals must identify the NASN member referring them on their membership application.

Individuals must join in one of following membership classifications: Active; Associate; or Member-At-Large.

Individuals must pay an annual dues payment.  Quarterly dues payments are not eligible for this campaign.

Tips for participating members:

  • Identify prospective members -- identify individuals in your professional network who could benefit from NASN membership. When you are networking and meeting new individuals, consider asking them if they are a member of NASN. Ask about their professional development needs and what types of information or resources would be useful to them. Based on their responses, highlight the NASN resources that address expressed needs.

  • Familiarize yourself with the vast benefits of NASN membership -- refer to the Benefits and FAQs web page. Keep membership materials with you including the resources listed below.

  • Refer prospective members to NASN's website.

  • Share your testimonial about how NASN enhanced your practice -- remember why you joined and how your membership experience with NASN has benefited your practice; maybe you had an unforgettable experience at a meeting or conference, or joined because you read The Journal of School Nursing or the NASN School Nurse and gained  valuable information.  Share examples with your colleagues.
    Hear Barbara Masenior's testimony.
    Hear Nancy Manzo-Mattucci's testimony.
    Read Membership Matters blogs for other testimonies

  • Invite them to join and tell them how to join.

  • Follow up with them, if possible.

  • Thank them for considering an NASN membership.


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