NASN School Nurse

The NASN School Nurse is a peer-reviewed clinical resource journal of the National Association of School Nurses and is published in January, March, May, July, September, and November. The mission of the NASN School Nurse is to advance the practice of school nursing through the publishing of evidence-based, clinical resource articles and providing information on emerging issues, innovation in school health, and organizational resources of interest to our members.


A print and online subscription is included with a membership to NASN.  Current and previous articles are indexed online.

How to Access Journal Subscription

Print subscription

NASN's publisher, SAGE Publishing, mails issues to NASN members.  NASN supplies SAGE with a mailing list approximately 5 weeks prior to the date of mailing.  Please take this into consideration when calculating the date of your first issue of the NASN School Nurse.

If you need support receiving your mailed issues, please contact NASN's Membership Department.

Journal Articles

Journal articles are located on SAGE Journals, NASN School Nurse, a website managed by NASN's publisher, SAGE Publishing. 

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