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SchoolNurseNet All Member Forum & School Nurse-Open Forum Community Administrator.

Sheila Caldwell, BSN, RN, CSN-NJ has over 30 years with hospital experience spanning from Med-Surg to Critical Care to Case Management to Community Education. She has worked as in a per diem capacity as a RN Educator, in addition to her school nursing position. Sheila is currently "on loan" from her school district to work in the capacity as the first Specialized Instructional Support Personnel Fellow with the National Education Association. Sheila initially became certified in NJ as school nurse in 2005 and received a NJ Child Care Health Consultant certification in 2006. She joined the NJCU School Nursing listserv in 2006 and found a passion in communication, providing school nurses within her state with valuable information and resources. In 2012, Sheila was appointed NASN’s SCHLRN-L Listserv Monitor and currently maintains the position in the SchoolNurseNet platform as a Community Administrator of the "All Members" and "School Nurse - Open Forum" Communities. Sheila is a proud 2009 J&J School Health Leadership Fellow, who was selected as a Team Leader during the transitional program pilot in 2011. Then, she served as a JJSHLP Mentor during 2012 and always promotes the program and did hold the position of Marketing/Outreach Coordinator before the grant ended.

In 2010, Sheila had been selected by Johnson & Johnson’s “Campaign for Nursing’s Future-Discover Nursing” School Nursing Promotional Campaign in their school nursing brochure, Nurse’s Notes enewsletter, “A Day in the Life” video and a few podcasts with prominent school nursing leaders.

Sheila is a member of organizations including NASN, NJSSNA, Monmouth County School Nurses Association, American Academy of Pediatrics-NJ Chapter. She has served on a number of committees including NIH NNLM-NN MAR Special Advisory Group, NASN Special Needs (SIG)and Early Childhood (SIG), School Nurse Practice Module Advisory Committee; AAPNJ Human Trafficking Work Group; NJDOE Early Childhood School Nurses Committee and other state & local community committees. She is currently serves on committees that include National Alliance of Specialized Instructional Support Personnel, New Jersey Chapter -American Academy of Pediatrics Integrated Care for Kids (InCK) Pilot Program, and Ocean-Monmouth County Health Alliance. Sheila held position as County Liaison for NJSSNA from 2016-2018. She is also a Campaign for Action's, NJ Action Coalition's Nurse (Coach) Ambassador and on a number of other committees. Sheila is always involved in school, public and community health-related ventures that she has a passion for. 

Sheila created the the Monmouth County School Nurses Association website and maintain it (, In May 2016, she was recognized at NJSSNA's Annual Dinner as the "School Nurse, Who Makes a Difference" for Monmouth County along with a nurse from each of the other 20 counties. Also, in October 2016, New Jersey Academy of Pediatrics awarded me at their 25th Annual School Health Conference with their first award to a school nurse, "2016 School Health Advocate" award for dedication to "Linking School Nurses to Medical Homes". In 2022, Sheila was honored by the New Jersey State Nurses Association for her community service at their "Diva & Don Gala" and she will be inducted into the National Academy of School Nursing Fellowship this June 2022. She will also receive a local honor by the Monmouth County Diversity Alliance in June 2022.

Sheila hopes to resume her academic pursuit to complete her MSN. She loves online communicating, networking, spectator of sports and taking pictures.
She keeps family first and is thankful for their support. Sheila always has time to share her knowledge and expertise with a fellow nurse or community partner.