Virtual Hill Days: Tweet Your Member of Congress

When:  Jun 14, 2022 from 00:01 to 23:59 (ET)

Social Media Messages

Handles for all U.S. Senators

Handles for all U.S. Representatives 

Be sure to use .@ if you are beginning your tweet with a Twitter handle, as indicated below. There is no need for a period before the @ sign if a Twitter handle is not at the beginning of the tweet.

Also, please make sure to add NASN’s Twitter handle @schoolnurses and hashtags #schoolnurses #VHillDays2022 #NASNHillDays, to the end of all tweets.

Sample Tweets to Use

Please feel free to tweet your own message to your Member of Congress. Please include their Twitter handle, your message and one of the hashtags #schoolnurses #VHillDays2022 #NASNHillDays along with @schoolnurses.

School nurses play a key role in making sure that children are healthy, safe and ready to learn. (list @Legislatorhandles):, please co-sponsor the NURSE Act. #VHillDays2022 #schoolnurses #NASNHillDays @schoolnurses

Today’s students face more medically complex conditions and chronic disease conditions which require the knowledge and assessment skills of a school nurse. (list @Legislatorhandles):, please Co-Sponsor the NURSE Act. #schoolnurses #VHillDays2022 @schoolnurses

Children deserve to have their health needs met during the school day so that they can meet their full potential in school. (list @Legislatorhandles):, please Co-Sponsor the NURSE Act. #schoolnurses #VHillDays2022 @schoolnurses

School nurses promote wellness, chronic disease management and perform early intervention services to reduce barriers to learning. (list @Legislatorhandles):, please Co-Sponsor the NURSE Act. #schoolnurses #VHillDays2022 #NASNHillDays @schoolnurses

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