Kelsi Donnelly, NCSN, RN, BSN



I started my nursing career in 2009 as an LPN after graduating from Hawkeye Community College. While in that role and pursing my dream to obtain my RN,BSN from Allen College, I worked as a float nurse with UnityPoint Clinics. I was able to work in many clinics including, family practice, endocrinology, and pediatrics. After graduating in 2015 with my RN, BSN, I continued in my role and then went on to work at St. Lukes labor and delivery unit. Primarily caring for women and babies post delivery. I also worked PRN with Cedar Valley Hospice for a few years, until recently giving up that role.

In October of 2015, while out on maternity leave with my own son, I was informed of a school nurse position in my hometown. Being in pediatrics and working as a school nurse had always been something I was very interested in early in my nursing career. I was fortunate to have gotten the job and although it is different that I expected and one of the most challenging jobs that I have had, it is also one of the most rewarding and enjoyable jobs that I have had. The relationships that I am able to build with my students, their families, and even co- workers is very important to me.

I continue to strive to be the best nurse that I can be by continuing my education by going to conferences, reading evidence based literature, and doing continuing education courses. I am also excited to announce that I received my NCSN after passing the exam summer of 2018! 

In April of 2018, I was appointed as the treasurer of ISNO as there was a vacant position. I have been enjoying that role as it is helping me to grow as a leader and to help in providing resources/connections/advocating for school nurses in Iowa.